Grason Technology Co., Ltd is established in 2018 by Anjene Group, providing services in multiple fields, including sectors of tires, lubricants, rubber chemicals, water treatment and agri-technology. Combining decades of advantages in business practice and field expertise in the continents of Mainland China, Asia Pacific, South America and US; Grason Technology is able to provide efficient services, products or information needed by customers in various industries in order to create robust market competitiveness.

Our main product lines are tires, automotive and industrial lubricants, rubber-goods chemicals, seawater desalination & waste water treatment module equipment, animal feed grade zinc oxide, zinc sulfate, magnesium sulfate, fly glue, ULV sprayer, thermal fogging machine and etc., where we have been distributing to Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and the United States and other countries. We are capable of providing prompt service, qualified products and competitive pricing, as well as meeting different requirements of customers.

“Your Success Is Our Motivation” has been our motto and goal that Grason has been striving for. We are continuing to excel, creating valuable opportunities, and utilizing years of industry resources and professional knowledge to establish interacting business platform, one-stop solution, and leading to a mutual beneficial business model.


Grason culture is reflected in every employee's positive attitude towards work and life. The courage in facing challenges, relentless hardworking attitude, fearless to setbacks and failures, the habit of self-criticism, and the persistence of self-improvement are our cultural principles that Grason wish to deliver to every employee and customer. Through these cultural values, we believe Grason along with every staff can continue to grow, meanwhile, helping customers to become more successful in business.


We uphold the spirit of sustainable operation and constant innovation to face the ever-changing market. We maintain a modest and prudent attitude, constantly learn new things, develop new products, and provide a wider range of services to meet the market needs from customers around the globe. We firmly believe that Grason Technology can become your most trustworthy and reliable business partner.