Grason Technology provides several kinds of animal feed industry raw materials, such as feed grade titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, zinc sulphate and magnesium sulphate, where we mainly export to Southeast Asian and South American countries. Meanwhile, we also develop “GOGO GLUE”, a fly adhesive, “AEROPLUS one” an ULV electric sprayer and “ThermaPlus 35,” a thermal fogging machine. These items are specially developed for poultry, house farming and agriculture industries.
GOGO GLUE fly glue has the characteristics of easy using, direct applying to cardboard, ropes with outstanding fly-catching performance and suitable for poultry farms, orchids, household uses and etc. ThermaPlus 35 is a new type fogging machine, powered by jet petrol engine for chemical fertilization and sterilization purpose. AEROPLUS one ULV electric sprayer is designed for the purpose of environmental cleansing and sterilization especially under the times of global pandemic. AEROPLUS one is built with features of light weight, mobility and long spraying distance, which provides an excellent sterilization performance not only in poultry ecosystem, but also in public areas, such as office, toilets, schools, hospitals and so on.

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